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Starbucks NZ Transitioning to 100% Fairtrade Coffee

on May 30, 2011

Last year Starbucks NZ committed to all its stores selling 100% Fairtrade coffee by July 2011. In May many others and myself  noticed that stores around the country had done this. But at this stage not all of them have.

As no press releases or news items had been published, I contacted Starbucks NZ and got this reply:

Starbucks New Zealand has moved to providing 100% Fairtrade certified espresso in all of our North Island stores. As we transition through our remaining espresso the South Island will then also transition to 100% Fairtrade espresso. All of our stores will be on Fairtrade espresso by July.

For more information on where Starbucks is at regarding Fairtrade chocolate please visit www.starbucks.com/responsibility/sourcing/cocoa

The chocolate/cocoa thing is a little uncertain. Starbucks is working with The World Cocoa Foundation, and that’s a good thing. Though as with all these alternate programmes it’s a little harder to judge without the objective Fairtrade label. And as Cadbury and Whittaker’s have shown it is possible to source Fairtrade chocolate/cocoa.

So there you have it! See inside on the menu to see if your local Starbucks is brewing 100% Fairtrade coffee. The stores currently have these signs outside at the moment:


In a months time we’ll all be sipping our Fairtrade Lattes. Good on ya Starbucks!



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